Industry Spotlight: Social media for Non-Profits

Social media has proven to be a highly effective, cost-efficient tool for non-profit organizations. Through social media, organizations and causes are able to connect with donors, prospects, event participates, advocates and sponsors. It allows them to showcase their partnerships with other organizations and businesses.

Here are the basic ways social media allows non-profits to expand their reach:

  • Awareness: sheds light on important causes and topics in a viral environment, garnering feedback and shares from those who are moved by the cause. Many non-profits achieve heightened awareness through creating an integrated online/offline presence at events and through networking.
  • Advocacy: rallies supporters in favor of issues to petition and invite their friends to get involved. Organizations can empower the public to be their best ambassadors, gaining extensive word of mouth support from peers.
  • Fundraising: spreads the message to prospects, and makes it easier to fundraisers to raise money through their own isolated and team efforts. Non-profits can raise funds through tools like individual fundraiser pages, apps, and via email.
  • Recruitment: recruits event participants and volunteers has been made easier through digital and social media. Not only can event participants and volunteers almost always register to take part online, but they can recruit others to join them.
  • Prospecting: enables non-profit event and development teams to research and connect with prospective donors and sponsors, especially through tools like online databases and LinkedIn.
  • Cultivation: facilitates connections and repeat communication through Facebook and Twitter, blogs, and email. Organizations can spotlight their supporters, and publicly engage with their business partners, which extends their reach and credibility.

This will likely be a recurring series due to my interest and experience in the subject, so feel free to give me a shout if there’s something specific you’d like to read about.

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